Direct Billing

Direct Billing is an innovative way to conduct transaction on the Internet using a mobile phone implemented commonly by Digital Virgo S.A. the carrier T-Mobile,Orange and Plus.

Direct Billing is a complementary service for Premium SMS. It can not replace them, but expands payment options on the website. In distinction from the Premium SMS, where prices are defined, Direct Billing is characterized by the ability to specify prices, depending on the needs of Internet service.

Direct Billing is available in carrier T-Mobile ("Order with T-Mobile”), Orange ("Order with Orange") and Plus ("Order with Plus"), which means that only users of these carriers can perform transaction. The value of transaction is added to licence fee or deducted from pre-paid account.

Perform of transaction by the user is very easy:

  • Users chooses Direct Billing payment on the product he wants to buy,
  • User enters phone number in special field on the transaction site,
  • User receives SMS to confirm the transaction,
  • User types PIN on the transaction page,
  • The transaction is completed.