The rules of the IVR services

New functionality of IVR voice services


IVR voice services allow also sending SMS with code received during a call.


Advantages of the solution:

  • User need not to write the code he gets during the call, because he receives one by SMS on the mobile from which the call is made (only for calls from mobiles)
  • New functionality is moving closer IVR services to the traditional Premium SMS payments at the same time offering higher wages - 55% price of the call from mobile (65% in case of the call from fixed line phones)

How it works

  • To get the access code to the service, Users calls the selected phone number
  • During the phone call User is entering a 5 digit number assigned to the service of the Partner
  • User receives a access code after entering the number of the Partner`s service (the code is repeated 3 times during phone call)
  • The user gets on mobile a text message with a code he received during a call
  • The received code user types In specific location on the Partner website
  • Partner confirms with Justpay the correctness of the code (similar like in method 3)
  • If the code is correct the access to the service is given to user
  • The call cost is fixed and does not depend on its duration


Call and see how it works

  • from fixed line phones calls the number: i.e.: 704004664. Enter 5-digit service number: 32966 (cost of call 0,71 PLN incl. VAT)
  • from fixed line phones and mobile phones: i.e.: 704304664. Enter 5-digit service number: 45403 (cost of the call 3,92 PLN incl. VAT)


Description for the user who wants to get access code via telephone call should look like this: To get access to the file:

  • Call the number: i.e. 704304664
  • Enter a service number: i.e. 45403
  • You give 6-digit access code. Code will be repeated 3 times. Please prepare something to write
  • Enter the received code in the window below

The call cost is 3,19 PLN (3,92 PLN incl. VAT) and does not depend on its duration. IVR service is available for all fixed line phone and mobile operators. in case of problems please contact via e-mail (e-mail of the Partner).


Available numbers and price per connection (z VAT):

  • 704004664 - 0,71 PLN (only fixed line phones)
  • 704104664 - 1,42 PLN (only fixed line phones)
  • 704204664 - 2,50 PLN (only fixed line phones)
  • 704304664 - 3,92 PLN
  • 704404664 - 4,99 PLN
  • 704504664 - 6,42 PLN
  • 704604664 - 9,99 PLN
  • 704704664 - 12,48 PLN

Price per one call, regardless of the duration.


Define your service:

  • Please log on the service to your account
  • Clik on "Add new service"
  • Choose number and cost per call
  • Enter the address of your website and description
  • Enable IVR service - click on "Activate"
  • The unique number for the Partner`s service will be generated. User will have to give this unique number during a phone call

You can create up to 10 IVR services. If you want more than 10 services please contact with us.

The following table shows the IVR numbers with payouts for Partner.

IVR Number  Price  for connection Payout for stationary connections Payout for mobile connections
excl. VAT incl. VAT PLN PLN
704004664 0,58 PLN 0,71 PLN 65% 0,38 PLN unavailable unavailable
704104664 1,16 PLN 1,42 PLN 65% 0,75 PLN unavailable unavailable
704204664 2,03 PLN 2,50 PLN 65% 1,32 PLN unavailable unavailable
704304664 3,19 PLN 3,92 PLN 65% 2,07 PLN 55% 1,75 PLN
704404664 4,06 PLN 4,99 PLN 65% 2,63 PLN 55% 2,23 PLN
704504664 5,22 PLN 6,42 PLN 65% 3,40 PLN 55% 2,87 PLN
704604664 8,12 PLN 9,99 PLN 65% 5,28 PLN 55% 4,47 PLN
704704664 10,15 PLN 12,48 PLN 65% 6,60 PLN 55% 5,58 PLN